Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Physical Expression with the Violin

A few scans of some of my anatomical studies.

I'm working through the physical path of the standard violin studies with a focus on the body and the fascinating way we carry out complex forms of expression. Like throwing a punch when we feel angry.

I hope to apply for a research grant from USYD soon. I see a strong connection between; the body, the mind and 'expression' that could be further understood. Perhaps an appreciation for anatomy, physiology and some sort of physical therapy, such as yoga. Movement seems to be a fundamental element of artistry.

Perhaps the idea is; learning to play the violin should be more about learning to move in a way that makes you feel a certain way.

Standard Violin Studies and Scale Systems: Some of the greatest technical writings of the 18th and 19th century and in my opinion the most creative ideas I've ever enjoyed.

This 'post' illustrates approximately 200 years of music, science, physics and emotion available online, constantly, indefinately, free. Amazing!

Andrew Zaplatynsky's notes on violin study are inspiring. The Westborn Park Strings have collated an enormous Étude Page for Violin. Another interesting website;,

The following websites offer an incredible free online database of sheet music for all instruments...
International Music Score Library Project
Open Library
Werner Icking Music Archive

An xray image of a hand playing the violin...

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